Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Proposal!

The plan was simple get Ana's guard down and give her a creative proposal for marriage!

Everyone was involved in the plan and Ana was clueless. On a family gathering at the key's we all went to our favorite park (Founder's Park) for a great day! We first started at the pool at which time Jeffrey was constantly going to the bathroom due to a made up stomach virus. He would conveniently take his phone on each trip to the restroom. What he was actually doing was texting Ana's parents coordinating their arrival. They were coming down for the surprise without Ana's knowledge.

Well, they got there at 5pm at which time they called me to avoid suspicion. I went to the parking lot to great them and took them to the beach area where it would all unfold. I gave them a hiding spot and we proceeded to install the surprise in it's location. Mitchell & Keanny were already at the beach to help in the plan.

The surprise was a sea shell that on it's lip said "Will you marry me Ana?. It was conveniently placed a couple of feet under water and a branch was tuck behind it to have a visual reference. In the mean time Keanny made sure that no one took it by mistake especially a curious kid that kept on getting close to it.

I then went to get the gang that was at the pool finishing the pizza we had ordered. I convinced them that the beach was great and the heat was not that bad. On the way to the beach we told mom to tell Jeff and Ana that she had a dream that she entered the beach with them hand in hand and she immediately loved the idea.

Once at the beach mom immediately started to take her shoes off with the help of Ana Patricia and Kelly!

Hand in hand they head out! Jeff had a lump in his right pocket. What could it be?

Mom says "My dream has become a reality!"

"What's that?" said Jeff. Ana reaches and gets suspicious!

What is going on here?

Smooth Jeff! Hope she says yes!

WOW! It's big!

That's a yes to me!

Wish my parents would be here with us "said Ana".

Who is that! What? No...

Tan ta ran tan tan! Surprise!!!!!!