Thursday, November 1, 2007

Fun at Founders Park!

Flight team!

Quality control - Pre-Take off check!

Un-predicted landing!

Search and rescue team mobilized!Night skate show by locals!

Little Joseph take the challenge!

Pio finally get's the guts and jumps! Ouch.....
Ricky proves he is braver than his dad!
Quality time for the Garcia Family!


Hernan, takes over and the professional signer takes a break!

The kids play along!

What a team!

Teach them young I always say!

Halloween October 2007 at Key Colony!

Wow what a nice time the family and me had on Halloween this year. I had heard from the neighbors that I was going to go broke on buying candy. Wow! How much of that was true. There was lots of kids of all ages.
A very organized event thanks to the local Fire Department and police who had an overwhelming pressence.

There was around 5 fire trucks with lights on and the firefighters were handing out glow necklesses for all the kids.
The neighborhood had an interesting mix of those who just gave out candies, those who really took time to decorate and those who seem to live for this day and who enjoy scarring you out of you socks. It was my first time and the kids got tired early so I could not do the entire neighborhood but the area that we visited was worth it. The local community church also had a show with live pupets and dancers who's customed glowed to several night lights. Nice job!

Well, for those participants and firefighters and police who attended I would like to personally thank you for such a successful event. It is incredible the will of people even when the weather was not at it's best. Luckily it was more of a breeze than rain but it did rain lightly at times.

Sunday, June 17, 2007