Sunday, July 14, 2013

July 2013 Summer Fun!

Fun Stop at Whale Harbor!

Brad came down with us and we immediately put him to work!
Can you say child labor laws!!!!

Nice ride to founders park! Nice 3 mile ride!

A Stop at MM88 for a Pina Colada! Yes, very nice frozen treat!




Popcorn at the movies! Perfect!

What do we do now?

Fun family movie perfect for us!

It's in the Travon Martin case verdict!

Live coverage no riots in the keys! 

Can you say minecrat!
Breakfast at 12:30pm!

Fun at founders park!


Looking good!

Hand stand with help!

These ribs are awesome! Very nice place at the win Dixie shopping mall!

Setting up local channel markers with our personalized toilet seat!

Strike a pose!

Faster! Faster!

Wow! I cant believe they are still holding on!

Can you say we need more sun glasses!

Look they say we can't touch this!

I need to do what?

the crazy ones!

Oh Oh!


The prep!

Who says we are to old for this?

 Tell your husband to be nice!

Dad why don't you get on?

Shelter is served best with a drink!

You guys are nuts!

I saw something!

I didn't!

Come on dad I can't smile forever!

Where are the adults!


Look she bites, I mean she plays!

 The only one who loves the black dog!
Can you say sold!!!!!!!!

Boating with a cast! This is not what the doctor had in mind when he gave you a water proof cast!

The innocent!

We found it! It's so little!

Miret family!

Beach time! Rodriguez key!

More added to the group!

We are young!

Party time!

Camping group joins the fun!

Tio's thanks for coming!

Fun time!

He did not cook shit! I had to do it all!

Note: Pio did not cook shit!

Rafi you are the best! Don't know how you do it but you make the parties always better!


Tia this is good, I did not know you cooked so good!


Time to cut the cake! Oops which one is it?

Happy birthday mimi and Joseph!

Wow! Are you finished with the pic? Can we breath now?

What a blast!

Kids at Robbies!


Before the craziness!


These things are huge!

Hand feeding the tarpons!

Here little fishy!

I can do it!

Get closer!


I need to hold it how tio?

Is this the right way!

Look Tio taught me a safe way of not loosing hold of the bait!


I love you mimi!

Beach time!

We made it to the other side! What a mission!

Abuela came to visit!

That's it I need some Zzzzzzzz!

New toy!

I can do it!

Dominoes at founders park!

Sunset at founders park!
I am faster! No, I am!


A colorful T-shirt day! 

Nice day at the Tiki bar!


 I bet you I can go far!


Finally we know who Flutie is!

Adrian is here!

Golf cart ride to Boardwalk Pizza!

The minecraft duo!

Lets go!


When is it my turn!

I'm next!

Ok here I go!

He says he lost something!

Oh Oh lost my pants but I did not let go! Tuki says he say you naked, ahhhhhhhh! Tia says she did not look! Tio says ha ha!


I am dead!


The master!

I don't know what the big deal with this thing is!




Ok they says there is no sharks here!

What you saw a 10ft reef shark!

After a scare at John Penny Camp!


Trying to catch something for dinner!

Ana goes all out! Is that lobster I see?
This is the Alejandro and Adrian diet!