Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Safe Driving to the Keys!


Driving to the keys can be a stress event for non-locals. Knowing the right path is always the best. The turnpike south ends at Us-1 at a small town called Florida City. You will come to a light right of the exit and a Shell gas station on the right along with a Craker Barrel. Follow Us-1 passing the several food chain stores. About two blocks down you will see a place called "Last Chance Sallon" on the right and on the left you will se a sign that says "Card Sound Round". This is the most favoral route to the keys. You will avoid many stressfull passing zones that become death traps. Cart sound road is considered the old road to the keys and is much more scenic. The only downside is that it has a toll. I figure $1 ito be a small price to pay to avoid stress and in most cases including rush hour traffic. The toll is usually lifeted on Holidays.

There is also a nice place called "Alabama Jacks" right at the toll plaza. Great stop for eating typical food right on the water along with live entertainment and a full bar +++. Well, afterwards continue on Cart Sound road all the way back to US-1 (you will see a Cicle K food shop and a flashing light). Just cross Us-1 north lane making a left continuing entering Us-1 south. Now you are at the beging of Key Largo. A important thing to note is that Card Sound Road is a one lane road but whenever you see dashes you can pass. But solid lines mean no passing. Dashes on your side but solid line on the outer side means only your side can pass. This may come handy if you get a large tow vehicle or slow moving truck ahead. This will happen from time to time but it is easy to pass since the traffic is low and in most casses every one goes the speed limit anyways. Well, at least some do.

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