Monday, July 20, 2015

Summer Scuba Diving Camp and more!

Chilling at the Tiki Bar!

True story: While leaving Snapper's a man challenges Tuki to a ring toss dare. If he makes it in his first shot he gets $20. Guess what the guy made it! The man could not believe it he was challenging everybody that passed buy him. What he did not know is that Tuki practices like crazy!

 It's a bird, it's a plane no... It's a flying dinggie! 
New shop in Key Largo!

Why do we need to wake up so early bro?

Summer camp at Captain's Slate! 

Getting the gear ready!

Final instructions!

Tio are you sure about this?

My feet,my feet.. How can I walk in these?

First victim!

Follow the leader!

Follow who?


Let's go!

The chaos!

The team!

Bike ride to Harry Harris Park!

Selfie at the beach!

Luch time!

Bike adventure on the 7 mile bridge!

Selfie time!

Group Selfie!

More selfie's!

Even more selfie's!

Great views!

Awesome view of the new 7 mile bridge!


Mom you are small!

The biker's!

Visiting the local Coast Guard! Go Jeffrey!

The faro at Marathon!

Ahhhhhh.. The brothers!

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